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long as customers selected one, is the one that you helped him

make decisions, that is to say, when shopping guide and customers in the communication process, found that repeated customer purchase intent, but hesitant to make up your mind, use the "choose one" skills. For instance, salesman can be trained on customer said, "would you like the cartoon pair of casual shoes that still need those trends shoes?" This sort of "choose one" skills of questioning, as long as customers nike air max tailwind 6 on sale   selected one, is the one that you helped him, and decided to buy.2, skill second, passing: passing of this loophole is seeing an enemy while moving, seize the weak point, gets a winning strategy. The ancients said: "the good fighter will gain yet, without doubt. "Meant to capture fighters, made for profit, of course, the gains should be, taking into account the global, as long as it doesn't" lose ", and win opportunities should not be missed.Using "not buy" mentality, people often have less, buy less stuff, more want it, you buy it. Salesmen can make use of this "not buy" mentality, to make orders. For instance, salesman can be trained

 on customer said: "this product has only one, short term no longer purchase, you don't buy nothing. "Or say," today is the offer deadline, please take the opportunity tomorrow, you can't buy the discounted price. ”3, skills, Shun jade: Jade, class to trap it, show some similar things to seduce him. Bait fishing needed, let the fish tasted a little sweetness, it will take the bait.When a customer wants to buy your product, but when you have no confidence in the product, and can recommend each other to buy a pair for trial. nike air max plus tn for sale   As long as you have confidence in the product, although the limited number of orders at first, however the other trial after you are satisfied, it may give you a large order. This "try" techniques can also help customers decided to buy.In many cases, we need to be thinking in terms of the customer problem, especially when interacting with customers, to proactively capture customer purchase information to initiative and guide customers to buy, this is the essential quality of a good salesperson.Key words: Qiao Shutong

 Qiao Shutong shoes brand CiausuWhen large waves 00 children began on the stage show when you suddenly realize, when disputed many of the eighties generation had become his father his mother. Then cried out, I am the master of the eighties generation of youth who already seems to have become the mainstay of hot MOM and dads. Due to the generally high level of education and income, this generation of parents in the children's upbringing, consumer awareness, buying habits and other aspects will no longer be bound by tradition, especially for shoes, clothing and other products with higher quality, segment of the market demand, they sought to give the child a full childhood.Morning children's shoe brandsDifferent from that of their parents, $literal belongs to the forward-thinking, unfettered generations and, therefore, their children's education reflecting tolerance and openness. After the parents focus on their children's growth, but also focus on children's freedom. They hope that their children can grow up happy, healthy, wild imagination

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