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persistence, tree brand, engage in research and development

brings to the Austrian light changed. Now, Austrian light reached 400 million yuan in annual sales to become the world's largest wooden jigsaw company."In most people's eyes, the animation industry input and output slow, so many companies suffer a massive loss. Anyway, if the right methods, persistence, tree brand, engage in research and development, will be able to see the dawn of victory. "Forestry cou said aoguang has now shifted from a manufacturer brand.Austrian optical transition becomes a template for Wenzhou light industrial docking animation industry. At the Forum site, including shoes, clothing, nike air max 95 360 cheap  educational toys, including traditional owners said going into the cartoon industry.Open a "Pandora's box"Leveraging a larger market sizeAfter more than 30 years of development, Wenzhou has a good industrial base, however, and the other labeled "made in China" label for industrial products in the international market, product not picked off

 Wenzhou "low-tech, low price, low value-added" hat, when the traditional industrial development bottlenecks, industrial transformation and upgrading of road to become the only solution to the current predicament.Compared with the transformation and upgrading of technology, industrial animation with a more flexible form of expression and a more dramatic effect. Cultural and creative industries in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang aomeili culture media, General Manager Ma Yongwei, President of the Association, told reporters that a product innovations is very difficult, there is a saying in the industry, little innovation is considered cute, nike air max 95 360 for sale   but the big innovation is considered to be broken. But starting with the changes in the appearance of, transformation of the enterprise seem easier. A case study of educational toys, a big slide from function to change almost impossible, but if you increase the shape of a Mickey, so at first glance a cause for concern. This is the charm of animation.Compared with the anime broadcast market, leveraging

 in the anime industry has more size. In fact, the image licensing can bring great benefits in the animation industry has been recognized by related companies. Comic company, makers and cooperation agreement, authorization by the cartoon image copyright on their product, to get more product visibility and brand grafting.Ma Yongwei told reporters that domestic animation behind the developed countries, while Wenzhou is lagging behind places such as Beijing, Shanghai and the Pearl River Delta, the lack of talent is on the one hand, more likely is the concept has not changed. Though started late, but judging from the Wenzhou industrial characteristics, educational toys, children's shoes, children's clothing, stationery, bags, furniture and so on are very suited to animation, while also helping fashion building. Once hidden behind the animation of "Pandora's box", the city's traditional businesses will be able to enjoy a larger market cake.Urgent roadStill need to get through the docking channelLove is Zheng Chen, Otis rush, President of Wenzhou

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