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(QUICKSALE $25) - GUESS Corset Top XS

Checkered corset tank top from Guess.  Size XS.  Zipper up the side to put on or take off easily.  To make it a tighter fit, you can lace up the top in the front.  Extremely sexy; barely worn; perfect condition.  I've gained weight; can't fit into it - how depressing.  But you'll look good in it.  I bought it for $95+tax; selling for $45 (I'm losing $50+tax).

Original Price: $45

Reduced: $35

Reduced: $30

Reduced: $25

(QUICKSALE $25) - GUESS Corset Top XS(QUICKSALE $25) - GUESS Corset Top XS
Item #: 38
Price: $25.00 (CAD)
Status: Sold
Number in stock: 1
Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
Last update: 10 years ago
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