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Now, who can play on the pitch rotary excellent ball, who will be able


Now, who can play on the pitch rotary excellent ball, who will be able to present more than rivals. Wilson will win the Tennis Sports General Manager Jon Muir said: "the tennis movement in the past 10 years change is quite big, but the biggest change is the spin." Wilson will win, as the first to eat the crab industry forerunner, use bold breakthrough thinking to specialize in rotation of the racket, trying to bring about a rotation feast through innovative science and technology. Carefully to the rotation R & D, Wilson will win a Spin Lab spin laboratory, air jordan 4 ukin the process of the experiment for the first time using Doppler radar to measure. Since twentieth Century 60 years, Doppler radar with its excellent location, speed and range performance are widely used in military field of meteorology. Wilson will win the first of applying the technology to the tennis equipment research and development, by receiving the light reflected by the tennis ball, measured according to the change of frequency, tracking to track the ball. Control efforts, players swing a tennis racket and the ball friction speed rotation characteristics evaluation of the racket. Wilson will win the highest measured by science and technology, the most accurate data, intuitive performance of Steam S is how to help athletes improve performance.


"The design of the series of the tennis racket is an innovation and breakthrough." Wilson will win the global product director John Lyons said: "the world masters or club players want to enhance the spin to the ball, so the rotating became an important part of product design, also constitute a reason we design Steam S. "Steam S Spin Effect (S.E.T by Steam. The rotation effect of science and Technology), can let users in the same swing conditions, increase the 200RPM for its striking (RPM) above the rotation. Such high-speed rotation, air jordan 6 cheapwill be equivalent to the lower 5 cm, and the court extended 30 cm, users will no longer be to swing the ball out of bounds and worry about the problem of. Shot in the face, Steam S racket with innovation in 16 × 15 wire mode, increased 3.3 times than the general racket net mobile, increased 69% ball line rebound velocity, thus obtaining additional 10% rotation.

The Amplifeel 360 Technology in the racket handle office (sense 360 Technology), sense of the ball from the racket face clear transfer to handle, giving users more swing confidence, reduce vibration lifting handle. With this series of technology to ensure the users, there will be more free and natural deduction, super "spin" wins not only have a blurred vision dreams, but in reality in every swing time is in your hands.The launch of the Steam 99S and Steam 105S are hitting the increasing rotation, lifting rotary force. The difference lies in the film surface size, Steam 99S of the racket is 99 inches square, less than Steam 105S 105 square inches. For starters, Wilson will win recommend the use of the racket face larger Steam 105S, add sweet area percentage and the swing stability, from which to enjoy the sport brought their own fun.

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