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Speed Cat SuperLT Low SF series is the best embodiment of fashion and


Speed Cat SuperLT Low SF series is the best embodiment of fashion and sports car racing in a two PUMA shoes: bright red, Ferrari cool runway pattern design, the heel side of the flag of Italy and Ferrari Shield logo, shoelace head Ferrari mark...... air jordan uk The fans first saw that this is their custom racing shoes; light material, artificial new microfiber suede upper, gives more light and comfortable properties of this shoe. While the Driving Power Light Low SF series, is the season Ferrari family more lightweight shoe products. Sole upper design, light and thin material, make the car lovers walking more easily; at the same time, be just perfect heel support and soft lining design, bring the comfortable wearing experience.


In 1993 the establishment of the popular Japanese brand A BATHING APE, with its unique ape Yan tag design was popular, representing regarded as Japanese street fashion and fashion circles. In April this year, the brand it has entered its 20 anniversary, to celebrate a event, brand has held a large exhibition in April 27 - 29 days off the Japanese Daikanyama DAIKANYAMA T-SITE GARDEN GALLERY, exhibited a series of 20 anniversary don't note single product, air jordan 3 ukand in May 4th in Beijing / Shanghai BAPE STORE? The grand sale two don't note single product, implement and mass to celebrate the 20 anniversary of the great moment of BAPE?. A BATHING APE 20 Anniversary Exhibition @ DAIKANYAMA T-SITE GARDEN GALLERY TOKYO, is the theme of the exhibition named "Thank you all for 20 years", A BATHING APE? To thank all the support over the years, specially invited 20 friends to NIGO? The idea to design the ape Yan marked characteristic, each is in fashion play play a decisive role of the big names, including Honma Zhengzhang, Noguchi, Nishiyama Tetsu, Gao Qiao, PHARRELL WILLIAMS, KAYNE WEST shield and so on (detailed list please refer to table right). A series of works will be exhibited in April 27 - 29 day DAIKANYAMA T-SITE GARDEN GALLERY Japan Shibuya, respectively by T-shirt and canvas forms part of a single product, which will be on the extension of public sale, share the joy and the mass annual brand.

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