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Send Acacia red beans encounter when if was an accident, when the acci

Send Acacia red beans encounter when if was an accident, when the accident took things so hard parting. encounter is the edge, the result is a part, then the happiness of the agreement. together from many, but not afraid to miss afraid fusion. send Acacia red beans hardest, most bitter, most tired, than Acacia, but still hung on the lips touch happy smile. clock rotation, life cycle, the window is off the layers of dust are like telling my mind. close your eyes, open your eyes, every corner of the world, in every corner of my mind is that figure, that smile, that it Meng Meng angry expression. matter how much the world, no matter how much space, no matter how much vision, but the mind can hold only so much your shadow, never changed and will not change. life is always polos mens short-sleeved shirts too much about the interpretation of the director with many scene, there have been too many actors, but after you come from, that scene I became a one-man show. my eyes there is only one person's shadow, when the eyes come together, no longer slack is not up. not sentimentally attached to the sea gulls can fly farther, but no matter how fly I love the sea no longer fly, like tight hoops, I'm not a monkey, and it was also the same fate. I look at you, you look at me, eyes can read the words we want to tell the - together. thousands of miles away, I hear your voice, you listen to my voice, the voice can convey our minds most want to tell feelings - I miss you.

a mountain, not every two two-Blanc, a horizon, not breaking any two words. smiling face of the sky, the sun tells me this winter coming to an end, we immediately ushered in the spring.And you, nothing to do years two years after leaving the campus life, and I began to gradually adapt to this busy city pale, I learned to make himself look like a standard OL girl, access decent and generous, I can at some underground bar the night let yourself In the blur of alcohol and lighting sexy, men aloof, I like the city, like all young people will continue to move forward, also pamper yourself to make mistakes. I think that day a year and a half ago I went to Beijing starting to become a man without a past. I said, I thought. in such a city cafe memories of the past are always some out of tune, I should be here to work, reading, or meeting with clients, in short, should not be recalled. especially after a decade later recall. until 12 years of winter, that will change my life reunions. I found that even in the past decade, those days still let me now extremely crazy obsessed with. I went back many times in a dream 12 years in the Chinese cheap ralph lauren New Year, and then woke up in tears. That there are that initially made me dreaming boy with my life the most simple most authentic self, I cry in my heart no matter how many times to pray to God to go back as many times myself. In this way, a decade ago, all the bits and pieces of all the gushing, I awoke in the past boyfriends are not worth all that young person, this tsunami storm stormy past, ah, the weight of my breath too breathless,

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