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Then simply do not borrow I do not even allow people to study it

These books, I think it is a Chinese person must read. I remember as a child reading from the book too close my eyes, that is not correct reading posture, his father would look at me, say a few words about how light reading, what books to read issues. Mongolian learn when first reading these books Sidongfeidong, several adult felt memorable reread it. Students read the names of world literature at home when simply ecstatic and happy, I am at a rate of three a day or two to read, and occasionally stopped to rest their brains and eyes, before going to sleep was impossible not to fall asleep in the end to find out . By the early 1980s, the close proximity of Lijiang Publishing House published the name of a series of world literature, I have been a day without a book of literary youth. I ralph lauren women dresses shirt remember I went to pick the book Xinhua Bookstore to buy books happiness, remember that every sincere bookstores sell their own inner joy when the discount name. I do not add a new clothes a few years, but every month a new book shelves. my daily life is often the scene for an exciting book is a book touched. Because a book has a book in the world, a book has the connotation of a book. Just buried read on, you will find new islands and the New World, the new marine and New rivers, and even found a dream and dreams, found that the record book, in fact, their own past lives.

No, a good book to pass the information to me far more than these, but reading is far from a dream or dream thing. I like standing in front of bookshelves, shelves with books contented vision inspection and name of the person writing the book. I think this is my teacher, my friend, my companion. A little stain on the book should feel sorry distressed, and for someone else's library, offer all kinds of sadness, putting refused. Not Haoshuodaishuo, classmates and friends never expect to put the book out from the door to my house. Then, simply do not borrow, I do not even allow people to study it. Now, all my spare time still like to stay in the study, morning reading, afternoon or night time reading. The same every day. Before reading, I like to sit back on the chair himself, looking at the ceiling, relax in the quiet, very comfortable. On this day, belongs to me, this night also belongs to me. Neither need to go out to socialize, do not need to complete any urgent work, you can liking Shun Yi, I still enjoy reading the music. Like all nerds, I often due to reading while intoxicated, such as epilepsy like crazy. Yes, no one knows one's reading, is so quiet beautiful. When removed from the book shelves, writing seems to have followed the man came to his eyes. Thousands of miles away across time and space, I told them ralph lauren uk laugh earthly time, even in my phantom does not exist. "How the Steel Was Tempered" is my early read the name of one of the world's literature, I was just in junior high school, was a year of preliminary spoon dance girl. I use day and night time reading this finally borrowed banned, excited. 1980s before reading environment has many limitations, many books are listed as banned.

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