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Where there is sun, the moon, there are palaces, there is singing, the

Where there is sun, the moon, there are palaces, there is singing, there are rivers, there are mountains, grassland, cattle and sheep secular glitz and Prejudice Jiangzai not dominate you all, because you've got wisdom no longer be around , with only your own, commendable soul. When you look back, certainly; does not regret for wasted years, will not result in mediocrity and guilt.Love in July summer came, step light, feeling strong, rendering the entire July, a crisp rain, filled with all the love. the beginning of the summer, did not imagine the restlessness, but in those years, at that time, memory and stay there. Falling in love in the summer, is in this season, in this July. That time temperatures, there is a little bit of heart, a little bit of anxiety, a little bit of joy, a little bit of hope. A little bit of looking, over time, slowly closer, step by step toward you, feel your passion, feel your heart away. close to you, a little hot, a little happy, a little scared. Like a child grow up, quietly polos womens short-sleeved shirt watching you like a change, chase your footsteps. Fine water long day, with your feelings are slowly changing, from the strange to the acquaintance with acquaintance to understand that there are learned hopelessly in love with the fear of losing incurable. Your temperature is very hot, the cold heart I have to melt, in July, my heart was laughing, with all your memories are so clear, full of the taste of happiness no wind and warm, do not cool the air. In July, under the stars, without you by my side, I learned to miss, learned at the sky, thinking of you learned to sleep, even though summer is very hot, very long,

I have been accustomed to. Subtle, like a rely, your shoulder is very wide, my weary with your thoughtfulness and forgotten, like a hug, your arms very warm, my pain with your comfort and disappear, like for you to see me, you very gentle eyes, my dissatisfaction with your smile and down. this season, it is not the law, one would fair-weather, one would rain again and again, for a hot and irritable. Like your little temper, my vexatious. Close your eyes, the thought with you anytime of the day, are you, you want to stick together, want you wandering together. I do not know what time always starts complaining about your greetings, do not know when you learn to care about care, this season, I told you to start a new life, where you have no past, no my sorrow, walking together, slowly Slow habits. Do not care about the wind and rain, please go with me, I said, in July, we never betray. day getting hot, suffocating and sometimes boring, always hoping that a head of rain, the hope of my expectations, the if statement, I promise to germinate watered down, slowly, etc. forward to it flowering, wait for it to result. Day by day, three days, is a little suffering. Sometimes think, one day, come rain assault, would satisfy my heart sinking greed, love, and the rain this season, like the rain this season of romance. waited, in July, the loving scene, very hot and very noisy. said, would like to accompany you've been sitting forever, say, want to hold your hand go all the way, say, in this life I only belong to ralph lauren sale you, say, staying July, the first Sunday, the rain, the wind was cold, the rain is very small, very cool day, I've been waiting for you, thinking of you. How about you, are doing. July, from hate to love me, from a person's life to meet you, I think I had a crush on you, crush the summer in July

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