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While writing the article and did not give me much revenue

I never meant to read for yourself in such a good book on the title page of a notebook to jot down respectfully:; most precious is life. Life belongs to each person only once. Person's life should be spent: When he looked back, do not regret for wasted years, will not result in mediocrity and guilt. So far this book, then I still learned by heart, which is not good in the back of my power, it is very rare. I know a man dying of regret, regret is forever. Never regret, how terrible! Of course, the story outline of this book is not for me to say, I have seen it for decades have repeatedly reprinted. I can simply tell you that there was a man in the 20th century, in another piece of land, he was blind, but he did not lose the will, he completed a giant with a long history of poetry like "How the Steel ralph lauren polo women jackets Was Tempered", he shaped epoch hero - Paul. Korchagin, has inspired generations over different countries, different ethnic young people. Whenever they encounter setbacks but think of Paul. When Korchagin this passage, the heart will be calm, you can re-enter the full, joy, happiness, ecstasy realm of life. sincere thanks "How the Steel Was Tempered" of Nepal. Ostrovsky, these words will be presented to me were born in the 1960s who made my life in the storm comes, can be worth a stroll repeated meditation:; most precious is life thanks to "How the Steel Was Tempered" so I did not attend college and later became one can be newspapers, magazines, publishers are invited to while writing person.

While writing the article and did not give me much revenue, but brought me a very fulfilling life. From the initial boyhood 1.50 yuan royalties, and later five-digit royalties, which for me is a qualitative leap. people's desires are limitless expansion, a book was able to calm people down. Years later, I was able to read literary name more and more, but I still remember the "How the Steel Was Tempered" gives me strength. I have not had special worship which particular writers which works, but I would heartily recommend to a young friend, "How the Steel Was Tempered" this book. In addition, I would also recommend to look young friend Charles. Robert. Darwin's "Origin of Species" from the directory we already know the essence of the book, when the depth of field of the Origin of Species, benefit much, can not imagine. You will find that your relationship with other plants, animals so close, you and the vast natural, actually a whole. Yes, it is a whole! Do you not realize that they can survive Dekai natural? Able to leave the sun, air and water it? You originated in nature, and finally return to nature. However, reading can read only a discipline, ralph lauren outlet a genre book of an era, and I like to read the classics of ancient and modern ideas. Remember, a classic, is a time-tested classics, so your vision can dash - low levels of reading there will be no progress. In addition, before the end of this article I would also say that for a person, a family, a nation, a society, only when reading becomes a conscious act without advocacy, reading is the real ideal. young friend, ah, you appreciate a good book to bring good mood now.

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