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my father had kept the law to my understanding of the word

I have to stop them, they oppose me, said I was not a typical love life. The room was so spacious and clean. I am increasingly unwilling to repairing things. our life was simple, why should it get complicated; our day had calmly and why it became tense; Our original open world, and why it blocked; no need to pay, why pay for it. So, I countered, I lay in bed, the sun warm sunshine, hear the wind, listening to the rain, listening to birds, watching the clouds, not happy? My room in the bucket, holding a cup of tea, sweet goods flowing text from the heart, not happy? Morning, I saw that opening night together stretch it green leaves, pink petals, not happy? In the evening, look gorgeous western sky, pink clouds like brocade, not happy? I love life. people say: This community is no ralph lauren polo women sweaters longer simple, it is impossible to live a simple life. In fact, we ourselves do not take life more complicated, the more get a pleasure. I like simple and happy living.America in Reading I always resist to write an essay and write an essay, but this time, I will not resist, because I have not the heart to write this article as an essay. I need a friend in time to answer a question, why reading, I'm afraid I Lai Buji. Yes, exactly so. Clean the face of a friend's eyes, if I only say that because I like while reading, that would be too simple.

In fact I like to indulge in by George. Sang, Jane. Austin, Roman. Roland Thomas. Hardy, Ernest. Hemingway and other literary masters to build a world with words linger. This makes me happy to hang around, do a happy person can resist the temptation to do? I remember my boyhood dream of life, is to have a huge library, walls are full of several aircraft to book high ceiling, and hands are hand painted without a living after their own adulthood, and as long as sitting in the library to see reading, writing articles, will be able to feed themselves. I really did not expect to be able to achieve my ideal, this is incredible. reason I would dream of such a life, because I grew up there reading habits, and the first pen royalties teenager makes my heart envy those people living in the text. My grandmother, my father good-looking point light readings, longstanding, home to some of the books she saved the old times. The book was my grandmother, my father had kept the law, to my understanding of the word, and when they read that many of them have been turned grandmother and father have rolled edges, and even fragments of already.polo ralph lauren Rubbed pages Ancun the grandmother and father had also been the scene of stroke, heart is very warm. books home about two types, one is the Mongolian school books, including "Three Character Classic", "young school days", "Zengguangxianwen", "Three Hundred Tang Poems" and the other is classical and vernacular fiction Even "Strange" This book, too.

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