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salomon xt wings 3 uk with to you enthusiasm like hot

Fair site, staff uniform wearing VAUDE40 anniversary t-shirts, made an impression on people. Booth VAUDE40, anniversary backpack is also very eye-catching, went public in July, and limited release, this caused many dealers out of curiosity. Memorial VAUDE backpack reference designs world's first appearance attached belt backpack designed for brand extremely memorable and very collectable.

Vogel fashion 2014 fall/winter new design to deep red, and red berry color mainly tones: deep red for this quarter brings has more heavy of atmosphere, to people to quiet peace of feels, but is to has most striking of red,    salomon xt wings 3 uk   with to you enthusiasm like hot of passion; red berry color show has red warm and beautiful of side, can as wine red of light alternative, became this fall/winter indispensable of of Mei color. In the fusion of these two color impact, fall/winter 2014 VAG brand fashion footwear gesture more dazzling new products debut, let every woman "in love with VOG to create fashion"!

ABC kids has released the young, fashion, lifestyle, outdoor, high five series, style continues the brand's Scandinavian style. Difference is that the products more colourful in the spring, into the variety of spring elements. With international color standards, an international fashion elements, with a distinctive designs, from single product to the overall style of playful cute and spring vitality is revealed.

Face competition fierce of shoes clothing market, ABC kids implement "A+ excellent products, love in details at" of products promotion concept, relies on CAs of technology support, focused products of development,  salomon speedcross 3 cs uk    development out more meet children feet Department growth development law and the physiological function of "A+ Kai step shoes" series child shoes products, the products is good considered to children daily wearing needs, proposed has anti-clip protection, and easy wear de design, and anti-kicked design, and anti-sliding design, and antibacterial inside, multiple protection, makes products in meet children fashion needs of while, More consistent with the child's feet healthy demand, reflected from the details "because of love" brand culture.

"Re m product design not only adhere to the prices for high-end style and populist at the same time, and fully take into account the Asian children's aesthetic and functional requirements. But the next year, the company will also build ' slow fashion, slow life ' this new children's product concept and turn it into a solid solid market fundamentals, and on this basis to expand DOE m brand market share and visibility. To this end, we have reason to believe that slow fashion duo meters Tong Pin in the prospect of broader children's products market will be opened up to a different path of development. ”

Cardin shoes spring/summer 2015 launch meeting was held, this release of spring and summer apparel products are great breakthroughs, apart from a go-element design, more fashion design will be unveiled one by one. In terms of theme, designers under the North-South geographical differences, different version, according to the regional climate using the appropriate accessories and fabrics, to meet all market requirements. Shall highlight is that the creative concept of luminous shoes will for the first time presents "mystery".

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