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The unsatisfactory performance

But it is worth  nike free run 3 sale mentioning is that the price might make Benitez didn't care at all, because earlier media reports said Berlusconi's AC Milan 30% valuation of the shares was EUR 300 million, and now Lin Rongfu you intend to use the same money to buy 51% shares, for which Benitez apparently will not easily agree.
The unsatisfactory performance of the season in Milan, but they are not actually on the losing side in many race, but often do not gain points. In this round of 31 before serie a, Milan's total shot up to 511 times, is the team with the most number of goals in Serie a, but their goal difference is only 47, ranked seventh serie a, it can also be seen in Milan's offensive inefficiency. Genoa is number 31 rounds of shooting before the Serie a at least, only 311 times, 200 times less than Milan.

Current serie a standings Milan only in 11th place, but their score up to 45 minutes. Standings points 5th place with Inter Milan and the 6th place Parma are only 50 minutes, Milan is not far behind. If we can continue to maintain the League's offensive efficiency, exactly like last season, is expected to achieve a reversal of Milan, in the last 6 rounds into the top 6 in the League and won the qualification for next season's Europa League.

Ronaldo's injury, on location in the tendon of his nike free run 2 sale left knee. Yesterday, Cristiano Ronaldo just left the training ground after a 20-minute training, he felt his left knee still aching. Carlo Ancelotti has made it clear that if Ronaldo injury not 100% recovery, Real Madrid would not allow him to risk an appearance. Ronaldo will not play in this game, Real Madrid will be forced to restructure the attack line. Plugs are also currently sidelined, Morata is not very good activity in the left front position. Carlo Ancelotti has two options, one is pushed dimaliya winger position, the avant-garde left room for the Angel Illarramendi and Isco. II dimaliya continue to play in the avant garde, Isco appeared on the winger position. Isco is playing attacking midfielder at birth, but he could on the sidewalk activity, former European golden boy has outstanding individual skills.

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