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nike air max 95 cheap Bayern Munich

As the European Champions League quarterfinals, UEFA Champions League this season is also coming out of the Scudetto in sprints.  nike air max 95 cheap   Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain, Borussia Dortmund, Madrid, and Manchester United were entered into the one-fourth final. Aim high for the title now is still doing a good job this season, Bayern Munich, followed by Spanish double hung between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Next, xiaobian carefully summarized so far eight teams winning odds and probabilities, hoping to be helpful to single digit kanguan.
Scudetto three hot:
NO.1 FC Bayern Munich
This season there is no doubt that is the hottest team on the field in Europe. So far unbeaten Bundesliga, Champions League game was just ahead of round lost to Manchester City in the context of a game. "The benevolence of the universe" appears essential to allow the champions of the season falling on his head, aura against defending champion Bayern Munich is the most powerful contenders for Champions League this season.
NO.2 Real Madrid
Powerful attacking firepower protects the Titans have won in Europe last March. Not only among the League's leading rivals Barcelona 4 dominates the standings, last 16, war is a two-legged 9:2 big score to win promotions, and "cosmic benevolence" rival power to behold.
NO.3 Barcelona
Although Lionel Messi this season than ever before, but the team mature staffing of the style and luxury of Barcelona is one of the Grand Champion of the top at any time. New signing of the season and coach with Barca running better this system maturity, eight scramble to beat a strong Manchester City is the best comeback of the skeptics.
NO.4, Chelsea
Reinforcement of Mourinho's return and the team once again, Chelsea in the League and the Champions League this season on  nike air max 1 sale  the field has maintained sufficient impact. Despite the Champions League start of the season an adverse, but by virtue of its own strength and tenacious style of team play in Ou Guansai, continued in his footsteps.
NO.5 Paris Saint-Germain

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