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adidas SUPER STAR with the FORUM, and th

Under, many designers are scrambling to innovate in this area, a lot of good shoes in winning a race in the world, then in the "urban casual shoes" to emerge! think about it, if you put on a pair of shoes in winning a world, just think what a cool thing! Street mainstay of casual, is the adidas SUPER STAR with the FORUM, and the NIKE AIR FOUCE 1 and DUNK. Reprints before retro sneakers are mostly true expression of their original appearance. But now the new basics is to use the form and combination and fashion trends, so as to create a unique charm. Five canvas to work on the world's most "long sold" shoes supra tk society whiteI am afraid that not belong to canvas, it tube he archaic, athletic, gorgeous wind, heavy metal rock and roll way the wind blows, espadrilles are capable unbroken, even the most fastidious of NIKE sports technology, nor does it

Does not recognize the canvas "pop Essentials" status with a kick. The first pair of sneakers Converse All Star was born in 1917 during the first world war, the war people depression and low cost made of canvas and rubber sneakers. It is said that how to make the perfect canvas and rubber-bonded, inventors had tried all kinds of methods are scratching their heads, Flay does in canvas and rubber, threw it into the fire, did not expect heated rubber "curing" and the canvas adhesive, this "beautiful coincidence," creating canvas shoes became popular nearly a century of miracles. Until 70, 80 's recovery after World War II climbed on top, all kinds of sporting events thrive, although it now appears wearing plimsolls played basketball with no shock protection is incredible, but there is no air movement technologies such as time, symbolizing the United States the spirit of NBA basketball court

Shang, the players all wear canvas shoes, also popular, a pair of sneakers almost one foot, five, and six-grader's childhood memories, make  supra skytop 3 for sale  sure you couldn't miss it. Are so, 60-80 years generation founded of movement brand, classic shoes paragraph in also ultimately dominated of sails shoes, including CONVERSE,PONY,VANS,, each home different of Logo symbols active Yu sails shoes very rich changes of expression Shang, in recent years told retro, also let these brand revival or worth continued bullish, in both elements in joined fashion design sense, is most personalized of pop taste, canvas shoes also no longer just " Canvas "shoes, horse hair, leather, suede, denim danningbu, corduroy, were used. Six racing shoes to emphasize professionalism and appropriateness of modern people, more and more people pursuing on a number of occasions, wearing different shoes, just like a basket

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