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Room lumbar Fossa of the gas chamber is the thickest, 23mm, cushioning and support both a stabilizing effect. Half Palm air cushion heel from the metatarsophalangeal joint, lumbar Fossa is the thickness of the entire cushion in the  supra skytop 1 review    Chamber the thickest part, same design features as the whole Palm cushion, cushioning and support stabilization. The thickness of the lumbar Fossa Chamber 20-25mm, heel 18-20mm, and solid in the middle part of the designs with the whole Palm cushion size. Air cushion in the heel heel cushion structure, shape and diverse, rich colors, is the most commonly used air cushion design. Common shapes include the following: 1, the overall shape is similar to those of Palm, differ primarily in the details section of each structure change: edge for a tube of air chambers, were solid in the Middle; overall as a uniform gas chamber, just placed in the middle of several solid

Round, oval, half circles or other solid parts disconnect the whole Palm cushion from the lumbar fossa, other designs were unchanged; Chamber designed to look like jagged at the edge of rest design similar to that of other air cushion design; just a thin balloon similar heel shapes, no other decorations, which belongs to the hidden air-cushion design. 2, projected down and shaped like a rectangle: on both sides of the  cheap supra s1wChamber is thicker, typically 15-20mm, thickness 1-1.2 mm; thickness in the Chamber for the 3-6mm in the middle of wall thickness for 1.2-1.5mm; solid section thickness for 2-3mm. Throughout the air like a rectangular gas bag, Center and Chambers on either side of the same thickness, same wall thickness, and communicates with the gas chambers on both sides, no solid part connection; a cuboid shape, design and usage of the following egg-shaped cushion. 3, oval cushion: followed by the two

Or Yao Wo position, heel of each shoe in two, nest parts with a waist. Specific structural changes have the following 2 species: ① air evenly distributed among two or three column, realization of main shock absorber rebound effect is also dependent on the gas column; II, cushioned by two air bags connected by a cylindrical Chamber, and no gas. 4, tube-shaped cushion: use slide technology, materials such as PVC and thermoplastic polyurethane, colour can vary as needed, you can apply transparency effects, matte, laser effects, and so on, different shapes and lengths can be used for different parts of forefoot, followed by both sides or on both sides, followed by the entire round. 5, oval cushion: divided into two windowed and recessed design, open window designs columns, hidden just a balloon can be filled with gas

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