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Acronova Nimbie Auto Loader

Acronova Nimbie Auto Loader

With a capacity of 100 discs Nimbie USB can automatically load and unload discs for a quick and pain-free process.

I will Rent the Nimbie for a 7-day period to digitize of your entire CD library at once.

Or sell for $ 500.00 Will Swap for WHY

I bought this to digitize my CD collection and not longer need it.

I loaded it up at night and they where all done in the morning, loaded it up again and they were done when I got home from work and then again after work they where done by the time I was ready for bed.

Works best with Original bought CD's, I ripped using iTunes software and their tagging

Acronova Nimbie Auto Loader
Item #: 150
Price: $500.00 (CAD)
Status: Available
Number in stock: 1
Location: New Westminster, BC Canada
Last update: 1 years ago
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