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Cleveland Launcher 400 Driver 8

Cleveland Launcher 400 Driver 8.5 deg.

Pro-force 65 Gold Low Torque - S-Flex - Tip Stiff New technology has made it possible for golf clubs to be more effective and powerful than ever before. The Launcher 400 has the technology of the original Launcher 330 with the added benefits that come from a larger clubhead. This great feeling driver produces a higher launch angle with lower backspin for more carry and increased roll, and also offers an increased moment of inertia which reduces the amount of lost distance on off-center hits. With these new technological advances come restrictions to keep the game fair and fun for golfers of all levels. The rules of golf dictate that a driver face can only offer a certain amount of spring-like effect known as the Coefficient of Restitution or C.O.R. The USGA has officially ruled that the maximum amount of C.O.R. allowed in a golf club is .830. The New Launcher 400 precisely meets this legal limit allowing you to post all of your scores. So, you'll be able to put this club into play in any tournament at any golf course and feel confident that you're getting the distance, the great feel and accuracy of the most technologically advanced club in the game.
Cleveland Launcher 400 Driver 8Cleveland Launcher 400 Driver 8
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Price: $100.00 (CAD)
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