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alone is not enough, of course. Sneaker sales increase

alone is not enough, of course. Sneaker sales increase without the active performance of the contracted players, 2010 South Africa World Cup is a very good example.Originally planned to sell 70,000 pairs of half a year, while actual sales to more than 200,000, this hot commodity is Keisuke Honda endorsement of Mizuno shoes. Keisuke Honda in South Africa pre-emptive scored goals in the two group matches of the World Cup games. Especially in the Denmark match Honda's non-spinning free kick left a deep impression. Many children want to wear sneakers with a kick after a free kick as good as Honda.Honda shoes stated: this World Cup is playing a rapid whereabouts of "vertical spinning free kick." Starting from the last World Cup and Mizuno signed contracts Okazaki Shinji has grown into the current Japan goals than any other player in the squad, so this came out with Okazaki sneakers.However, a publicity official said that even activate players advertising "results are difficult to forecast." Repucom sporting goods market research company in Japan national programme directed to 3000 people, inviting them to "lists endorsements of various manufacturers of sneakers Japan team players", with the result that survey

selected vendors first endorsement is only consistent with the actual endorsement player Umbro and Mizuno (far tengbaoren endorsements). Ranked first in adidas, Nike and PUMA are Keisuke Honda, when in fact these 3 manufacturer's spokespersons Kagawa, respectively, long boyfriend and Makoto Hasebe.In addition to goals and assists, the surface of the indicators, more importantly displaying special skill and inject emotion, play making use of your game. Unexpected players to create moments that will not only help the team win, but also will bring huge returns for the sporting goods manufacturers.Fashion spring-summer season many of the elements have been designers cleverly into the shoes of designs, knitting high, bright colors, gradient applied wave point geometry and color contrast, elements of design, these are on the field at the World Cup memorable scenery.HC shoes network, mobile Internet is the result of combination of mobile communication and the Internet, there are two forms of broadband and narrowband. In recent years, the Smartphone mobile intelligent terminal device, such as a large number of popular 3G mobile Internet to flourish. New mobile Internet have a profound impact on people's lives, changing the user's behavior and habits at the same time, has become an important medium for modern enterprise marketing, expansion of marketing channels has opened up new areas

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