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restructuring might have only just begunIn the past two or

restructuring might have only just begunIn the past two or three years, traditional shoes and garments industry has gone through several rounds of cards. First is movement brand, Beijing Olympic Hou of ebb let a regional brand first away from field, and stores throughout national of big brand were also in for had of Hurricane dash pay; then is ladies enterprise, due to ladies by climate environment effects more big, has always been exists with "North-South but Yangtze River" of phenomenon, except several national ladies brand, large local ladies brand experience with "fast fashion" and e-commerce of double impact; industry senior persons forecast--men's shuffle also imminent. Reporter for the IT Manager world apparel enterprises in China's major gathering area, Fujian, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hangzhou, Beijing, Shandong and other places, I discovered that almost all traditional apparel companies are talking about a few words – agile, store, online, and integrate."Agile" Word appears most frequently, and it has a famous twins named "fast fashion", the brothers changed the traditional business models in the fashion industry. Traditional--estimated trend fashion futures, ahead of mass production, channel sales, periodical collection. Suddenly one day, traditional fashion and they found that product sales of pressure gives the channel does not

 represent. "High inventories," broke out "closing surge" appears. Create agile supply chain appears to be the only way, but in-depth transformation of the supply chain for product planning and Terminal (stores) with a tail of "dumbbell" shaped dual problems highlighted.Apparel maker's market share is less than 5%, but a stretch of the Red Sea. Determined to be "light company" pioneer found, eventually as a return to "heavy company" category. "Amoy brand of" spring seems to be the only two or three years, they got into those problems afflicting traditional apparel businesses – market trends it is difficult to accurately estimate stock shadows lingering similarly agile supply chain needs, also need manages the planning, even the same store needs to be done. No conventional shoes a dozen years under pressure, Amoy brands, like gusts, disappeared without a trace-2011 men's Amoy brand, the top 20 sports Amoy brand has all but disappeared, and top 50 women's Amoy brand has only a dozen left.As attached great importance to the experience of

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