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Passion for the love of the sport of running, at the Xiamen International Marathon has become a fusion of music, fashion, sports in one of the feast, creating a impact across sport, music and creative brand in fashion events. Xtep (China), Senior Vice President of flowering quince, told reporters: "from Marathon to create a warm and romantic love color, go to the ' hundred massage ' to provide participants with physical pleasures, to the joy of today's musical Marathon out of your mind, and step by step by step,  womens nike air max running shoes   in his own unique way to guide consumers to enjoy the pleasure of sport. And it is advocating the ' athletic ' process, especially step group for ' athletic ' itself more profound understanding. "Professional quality" athletic "endorsement, of course, to" enjoy ", must be built on the Foundation of a healthy, safe and comfortable

On it. Xtep group know that high-quality sports equipment for "enjoy" the significance, always adhere to the pursuit of professional and continues to invest a lot of effort in enhancing professional quality of products. Absorbing the world's most advanced technology, to attract top talent at home and abroad, created with the world's advanced level of movement lab, strengthen cooperation with several research institutions, universities ... ... Special steps to "establishing domestic connections"  buy nike air max 1 em   approach to development, design more in line with ergonomic principles, higher quality, better able to meet the actual needs of the consumers of sports products has laid a solid technical foundation. With special step group has strong technical strength of the increasingly, ultralight materialsAnd "X-Turbo" technology, earthquake-resistant technology, strong grip function, nanometer silver antibacterial chemicals, repels light thermal radiation at the same time enhance the cooling effect of fiber materials ... ... And other items

High-tech mounting and has been widely applied to special step in its clothing and footwear products. Special step products, quality has been recognized by the world's top professional athletes. Sponsored by xtep group from Kenya's Marathon athlete miruiyamu·kaliye won the women's runner-up at the Xiamen International Marathon. After the match, her praise for xtep sport equipment provided by the group, which is enough to meet the requirements of high level professional competitions. And it is that high technology content and high quality products for consumers to really "enjoy" provides reliable protection. Special anniversary TVC ad shoot. Nicholas dressed xtep sport equipment cool cool on stage. It is reported that this is the tenth year of TSE and cooperation ten years, with wind and rain, were brilliant, front row, and front row coming! Very relaxed atmosphere the shot of the day,

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