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A new Generation of Fiber Optic Cable Equipment Named Optical Fiber Pa

Optical passive device is really a form of any light or electricity without external power, by its personal to finish some optical function of optical components, its functioning principle abide by the theory of geometrical optics and physical optics theory, the formula along with the a variety of technical indicators, all types of test strategy is closely related to fiber optics and integrated optics. Components are divided in to the optical connector, optical attenuator, optical coupler and optical isolator. Fiber optic cable equipment on the telecommunication equipment companies contain fiber optic passive components.

The classification from the optical connector has the following categories.Based on the structure, can be divided in to the heart along with the heart shape. In accordance with the mode of connection might be divided into butt coupling and coupling lens; In line with the optical fiber may be divided into planar speak to and mutual contacts spherical make contact with, and so forth. Amongst them probably the most used is self-aligning business coupling optical fiber connector, including plane docking kind (FC), direct contact (Pc) and rectangular (SC) optical fiber connectors. Optical attenuator is able to particular attenuation optical power devices. Optical attenuator primary sorts are divided into: optical variable attenuator (continuous variable optical attenuator, step variable optical attenuator) and light fixed attenuator. The attenuation of tiny variable optical attenuator range of 0 ~ 25 db. Mostly utilized in the adjusting variety is not big optical fiber communication systems engineering, fiber optic data communications network, etc., along with the corresponding single mode fiber activities continuous systems.

Optical coupler could make the transmission of optical signals inside the special structure of coupling coupling, and redistribution in the device. The classification of the optical coupler are optical discrete component mixture, conical, planar waveguide optical fiber fusion. Melt a tapered coupler is always to eliminate two (or more than two) coated layer of optical fiber in a specific way, under the higher temperature heating molten, at the same time to stretch on both ends, at some point kind special waveguide structure from the double cone in heating zone, it may recognize the transmission of optical power coupling. Its attributes: this type of coupler has really low additional loss, good directivity, environmental stability, versatile control technique is easy, low production expense, is suitable for mass production.

Optical isolator in its operating wavelength range, the optimistic transfer optical loss is small, light to reverse transmission loss is extremely massive, it's a sort of reciprocity of optical passive components. Polarization optical isolator on the major kinds are relevant has absolutely nothing to accomplish using the polarization, polarization has nothing to perform and may be divided into single-stage and two-stage sort. Optical isolator sort based on the application and can be divided in to the linear and miniaturization. Polarization dependent optical isolator and polarization independent optical isolator will be the distinction in between the: to the input polarization state of light dependence is very huge, suitable for with laser along with other polarization-maintaining device utilised in combination; The latter is virtually not influenced by the input polarization of light, suitable for use in optical fiber transmission method.

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