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Amazing Hot Massager

Simply click the metal disk inside the Hot Massager and watch and feel as a chemical reaction turns the gel inside the massager into a hot flexable heating pad. Perfect for soothing and relaxing tight muscles creating better massaging. Also works amazing for cramps and sprains and pregnancy aches.

Instructions for the Amazing Hot Massager:

1.Flex metal disc back and forth until crystals form.

2.Knead crystals inside pack to soften.

3. Apply Hot Massager to desired body area.

To Reactivate Massager:

1. Carefully place the hardened massager into a pot of rolling boiling water. Place on top of a cloth.

2. Boil in water until all crystals are gone. Approximately 10 - 12 min.

3. Let massager cool to room temperature before using again.

Amazing Hot MassagerAmazing Hot MassagerAmazing Hot Massager
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