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Iphone 2 

Iphone 2
Color: Silver with black bottom
Condition: 7/10 the bottom back piece
tends to fall off, but im pretty sure you
can go to apple store to get it fixed. ALSO
there are minor scratches on the back, BUT
no scratches on the screen. You can purchase
a new template/housing for the phone online
or in stores =) (Iskin will work as well)
Includes: Black silicon case
Does NOT include: Charger, my friend
purchased it from a previous owner. He
uses his ipod charger which works as well.

Yes 100%
Original Price: 189+ in stores correct me if
im wrong =) lol

Reason of Selling: Selling for a friend. He
purchased the new blackberry bold 2, and
doesn't need this anymore. He is selling it
for cheap because he will be leaving for his
vacation and would like it as a quick sale.

Need this item gone by aug 10th =) very
good deal =)
Iphone 2 Iphone 2 Iphone 2 Iphone 2 
Item #: 5
Price: $80.00 (CAD)
Status: Sold
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