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financial sector, China's manufacturing industry is inevitable

 This is 5 years, 5 commercial banks accounted for Fortune 500 profit share paid more than manufacturing, is also one of the biggest annual drop in profits than in the manufacturing sector.In this regard, the report pointed out that the profit gap between the huge industrial sector and commercial banks, over and over, adidas zx flux womens  in the market economy of capital outflow of industrial sectors, flows to the financial sector, China's manufacturing industry is inevitable, "hollowing out" trend.From the above analysis we can see that the Chinese manufacturing industry crisis, and this crisis will have on the future development of Chinese plays a fundamental role. Just moments to revitalize the manufacturing industry in developed economies in the world, we cannot be so indifferent to the plight of China's manufacturing industry. Fundamentally, developing manufacturing industries

 need State support at the policy level, giving space for the development of manufacturing industries, particularly SMEs, adidas zx 750 sale  and can no longer take the path of Guo Jin, min TUI. Specifically, States should tax, financing, policies, intellectual property protection and on transfer payments to support SMEs. Only the development of the real economy is the basis of China's economic operation, the real economy appear hollow is the biggest crisis in China. We look forward to seeing promotes healthy and favourable environment for the development of the real economy, more looking forward to our manufacturing through industrial upgrading and manufacturing heights station, revitalization of the national economy. Over 50 years old in Jinjiang of Fujian origin Lin couple was operating legally in a shoe factory, but gradually cool business, earlier this year were "unusual",

the illegal shoe factory into fake designer shoes production sites. First produced thousand pairs of fake brand-name shoes, worth more than 3 million yuan of money involved.8th in Jinjiang, Fujian Province Public Security Bureau disclosed that according to public reports, the investigative police has been successfully captured in connection with the Lin and his wife, 13100 seized fake designer shoes and the scene.The police, upon receiving public reports, police investigators went immediately to investigation of shoe factories in Jinjiang chendai, only to find three-story shoe factory closed. Police across the Windows of the forest a couple of persuasion. Half an hour later, Lin opened the door.In the production area, police found about the fiasco, workers are making "Nike", "adidas" and "PUMA" 5 "gym shoes". However, the police, and no store has a large shoe

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