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foreign trade export volume declined by over 50%

 unprecedented since 2010 closed more than 500 stores, and closed the first half of this year 1200. Its revenue declined $ 9.5% to 3.88 billion yuan in the first half of last year, the company's overall gross margin decreased from 47.3% in the previous year to 44.2%, while expenditure rose from 8.7% to 9.6% per cent of staff costs. cheap adidas f50 adizero fg  Apart from Li Ning brand, and last August five other big sports brands--ANTA (stores), xtep and 361 °, peak and China successively released in 2012-semi-annual data reinforces the industry's downturn. All brands have cut orders, closed stores and increased promotional efforts, various sports brand's share price also shrank to varying degrees. Not only sports brand, fashion brands Daphne since August is caught in a "job cuts", the Shanghai headquarters of drastically cutting nearly 300 jobs. And in small enterprises in the Pearl River Delta,

 foreign trade export volume declined by over 50%, many lines have been idle.Traditional shoe brand in the country hit their nike magista opus fg cheap  predicament when the global footwear giant Nike, adidas and so on have also announced the closure of its own plants in China. As early as March 2009, Nike suspended its factory in Taicang in Jiangsu Province in China the only footwear. According to Nike's annual report shows that in 2001, footwear production, Chinese factories account for about 40%, ranking first in the world in 2005, this number dropped to 36%, 2010 fall further to 34%. By contrast, Nike's capacity is rising in Southeast Asia, developed from 13% in 2001 to 37% 2010. Among them, the Viet Nam generation plant which rises to 37%, based on 34% shares of China in second place. Viet Nam was replaced by virtue of its cost advantage, "made in China", the sneaker of Nike,

the world's largest production base.Traditional footwear industry represents the plight of the manufacturing sector as a whole? fumigation and other industries such as iron and steel, building materials, chemical fertilizers are also a lot of pressure on the stock, and excess capacity. Not only the manufacturing industry faces development dilemma, outside environment is not optimistic.First of all, China's manufacturing industry is suffering from "manufacturing industries back". According to the United States the Boston Consulting Group report, rising production costs in China and United States influence of productivity and the dollar around 2015, a United States for certain products in the United States comparable to production and production costs in China will, this will make the appliance manufacturing industries, such as returning United States.

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