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master's degree at Stanford, established one of the world's

about 10 years later, Nike has annual turnover of more than US $ 3.7 billion, holds United States sports shoe market for more than half of the share. By 1999, Nike's annual sales of as much as $ 9.5 billion and entered the ranks of Fortune magazine's top 500, known as "nearly 20 years of successful consumer   salomon speedcross 3 discount   goods companies in the world." The original industry leading brands like Adidas, Reebok left behind.Nike originated in a dream. Early 60 's of the last century, when Phil was when studying for a master's degree at Stanford, established one of the world's top athletic shoe company became his goal. A term paper topic is--he set up a small business in the field of sport shoes, cheap Japan labor to produce a high quality sneakers, beat the market leader adidas. Maybe it's because of the different business environments, and Phil started with cross-border resource mobilization perspective.In 1972, the "Nike" products formally put into production. Also at this time, Nike has begun to establish highly praised the virtual management mode in the future,

 firmly grasp the key link of product development and brand marketing, do not produce a pair of shoes. Nike seeks partners cheap adidas climacool ride  across the globe, it's production sector has seen the global footwear industry step transfer process. From Japan, and Korea to the Taiwan region, and then to mainland China, India and Viet Nam, and other places.In addition, grassroots enterprise and Anta's origin is different, beginnings of Nike is an elite company. Phil is not just himself, in Nike's product research and development and innovation fields, there are hundreds of researchers, many of whom own biomechanics, experimental Physiology, engineering technology, industrial design, postdoctoral degrees in chemistry and related fields. In addition, the company and customer Research Council has also been established, including coaches and athletes, equipment operators, even podiatrists

and orthopedic doctors.Anta on Nike AirForce technology probably is not convinced, because it will be simple, easy to understand footwear technology. But Nike is Nike's success, after all, quality assurance ability provided by the pillar, not to mention, cushioned shoes and Air Jordan Street in the age of pop-culture peers, has become an indelible memory of Nike. In addition, the Nike brand marketing can also be seen in the high level of skill. Watching the global Flash sports superstars and Nike fans around the world, it is hard to imagine an unusual company will accumulate to such an extent in the short term.It should be said that in the business development on the origin of Nike and Anta's genes are not the same. The difference is not just that situation, also lies in the overall innovation strategy. Anta's recent vision is that by 2011, the ANTA brand

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