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his third shot 3 4 7 points


 fans of this "Palace home army" With a better  nike free og 14 mensunderstanding of their energetic there is a competitor, but there are some small problems. Not long ago, Gong Luming about Chinese basketball in the status quo had spent eight words, "talent, ability weak weak." And these two words, in a way, it also applies to the national team. Modern Express Reporter  nike free 3.0 v5 mens new temperament 3 Qiuzhan strong desire Zhou Qi feel how soft? If you watch the game is not enough convincing, then it would look at a few warm-up match of the data now. Zhou Qi this summer on behalf of the national team played a total of five warm-up matches, the first against Australia, he went 4 6 11 points, the second of his two games against Australia and then voted 2 to get 4 points

Montenegro his third shot 3 4 7 points, the fourth of his four games against Angola voted 4 to get 10 points. Although the New Deal for the teams who are fair, but specific to different teams, is not affected the same. Dependent on foreign aid, especially for some double team, the immediate adjustments and respond has become imperative. In an interview with Beijing media interviews Beijing team of foreign aid Marbury says: What kind of rules "issued Basketball Association teams are the same for the fourth quarter is really prohibited if double foreign aid, then the Beijing team will be some. influence, but also will definitely find a way to deal with these rules for. "and Dongguan team of teachers Gore said, with three foreign aid teams could become beneficiaries of this policy change, even as the Shanxi team championship possible.

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