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have the opportunity to overtake rivals, but in control the rhythm, not doing enough to prevent back side also, we hope that lessons learned through the game. "" Zhou Qi seconded to the National Youth Team, Xu Zhong Hao as little acute injury, so I did not come along. " nike shox current women's□ Tong halftime before, Chinese men's basketball team last attack, Guo Allan ball, accurately find the top of the arc waiting Zhou Peng, who bow Nock hit a three-pointers, to help the Chinese team 40-32, with eight-point lead end half field.

Guo Allan ball, passing into assists, the Chinese team to stabilize the situation, or to expand the advantages of such a scene, in this game than there once, third quarter, when Angola catch 43-47, when they is to break into the penalty area after Guo   nike shox tlx women's Allan, they pass the ball out to find Zhaotai, which comfortably ball, firmly hit a record one-third, to stabilize the situation somewhat passive. Gong Luming: That blame me! So women's basketball team won the men's basketball team must lose. (Busan Asian Games women's basketball championship, led by Gong Luming) This is an unwritten law, (only took a gold medal from the host?) Right, you can not take the whole family door ah. Then in terms of the gold medal for the Chinese sports delegation has more than enough, but then the gold medal for South Korea in terms of host also need big ball project. So this it, we think we should put this thing to do, and we should strive to fight. We will do some preparation. After a series of warm-up match ended, fans of this "Palace home army" With a better understanding of their energetic there is a competitor, but there are some small problems. Not long ago, Gong Luming about Chinese basketball in the status quo had spent eight words, "talent, ability weak weak." And these two words, in a way, it also applies to the national team.

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