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nike kd 6 cheap this process is more psychological

"When it comes to the triangle offense, players have an adapted process. Michael at first also do not adapt his flank attack, told him to attack area at the triangle. Kobe Bryant was born a triangle player, he had Michael's problems. But he also  discount nike air force 180  has its own problems, and his shot selection is not very good, sometimes the ball while he would play. Cameron also has a process of adaptation. , "Jackson said.

Compared to Michael Jordan and Bryant, Anthony no shortage of offensive ability, he played 11 seasons in the NBA has not scored less than 20 points per game last season, 2012-13 season averaged 28.7 points, among the League's leading scorer. Anthony's problem was on offense, a lot of people say he is a ball of black holes the ball onto his hand will never get out. Anthony career assists was good actually, he sent out 3.1 assists per game.

"I lost a lot of weight in the summer, might affect my playing power forward. I did not recover for a long time now the weight off, you may need an adapted process,  nike kd 6 cheap   this process is more psychological. , "Anthony said. In Jackson's organization and stimulation, Anthony Summers a weight conscious, weight down to the level of the rookie, which would allow him to return to his position at small forward.

"I am now the Knicks were very patient, believes the team has the ability to win a Championship. But the problem is I don't know how long this patience will not last, will change in a few years, and still some unfinished business (win a Championship). Knight's big three, I don't have too many opinions, no matter how good they are, is just like us, are from 0-0 you want to start a new season. We are definitely stronger than last season. , "Anthony said.

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