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toms classic shoes sale Portugal people not convinced

Real Madrid recently brave and win a series of victories, with 2-0 Games victory defeating submarines during the weekend, Madrid has won 3 straight WINS in the League, and during this 3 game is scored 15 goals. Team well   cheap toms stripes  made the fans wild with joy, but the team in the match at El Madrigal, two big quarrels between Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos Real Madrid fans were worried.

Exactly 43 minutes of the game, Real Madrid leads with 2-0, eager to score the yellow submarine launched a counterattack, they get a chance to front left corner. This a few minutes before the game was over at the half is most likely to throw the ball, if Real Madrid can end with a 2-goal advantage in the first half of the game means that the team has a great chance of taking all three points.

Real Madrid players are fully aware of this fact, so the whole team are back in the area defending the corner. But in the layout of the defensive tactics, Ramos has pulled Ronaldo, asked him to stand by position,   toms classic shoes sale  Portugal people not convinced Ramos was loudly complaining. Ramos sees signs to explain to Ronaldo, but the Real Madrid star and wouldn't listen to his explanations to continue making loud noises. But because the team needed defensive formation as soon as possible, so they'll put a defense.

Real Madrid fans may want to know what happened between the two men, they don't want the team in form had hardly improved when infighting. Spain's Marca and several media none of the Aspen daily after the game of Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos deliberately stressed the quarrel, they think it's just a "pure business" communication, two people will not mind the picket line.

Just over the weekend with a win in the State of the player Messi, Barcelona has nonstop flights to Paris will be in early October 1 Beijing time Monday in Paris Saint-Germain. This service of the most high will direct the two teams collide, is likely to determine the group leaders of the group membership. Media and the Barcelona coach Luis Enrique don't want to talk more about advantages of current teams in the League and are like gods help clean sheet record. He prefers a low profile is about to usher in strong competitors in Paris.

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