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Of luxury configuration, in uppers Shang not only ha

Of luxury configuration, in uppers Shang not only has Foam material of using, more is design has fast Department with system a     converse all star womens     nd Dynamic within boots, regardless of is comfortable sex, and fitting sex also is stability, Air Max Penny 3 are no can picky, in forefoot of outside side joine converse all star leather d has crystal rubber anti-sliding block, makes shoes has has more excellent of was called Air flightpoiste KG II of sneakers, due to plus Nate of suddenly job-hopping, modified called Air Flightposite. Without its master Air Flightposite III was at that time a large number ofplayers dressed, and later many people endorse a sneaker Nike technical sophistication perhapsinspired from this. Air Flightposite III,Foamposite materials are used in the extreme, topackage the entire uppers, but due to material improvement, weight gained control of sneakersand
And durability is much higher than previous generationsmark. Palms before and after using thesame Zoom Air and carbon fiber panels, main performance almost no difference with previousgeneration of sneakers, but Air Flightposite III falls far short of the height of two, sneakerslook side of two big fly's eye tooespecially out of place andbecause of this design, narrowshoes overall, fewer people. Magnet buckle design is novel, but the actual effect is just theopposite, easily loosened during intense exercise, no protective effect of reduced parcel. AirPlatinumposite Air Flightposite III evaluation has been mixed, but Battlegrounds versions aresubject to a
Not small of welcomes, BG version called Air Platinumposite, altogether on out has two color: Blue is high-end of synonymous with, sustained earthquake aspects also with Air Sole instead of has Zoom Air, but Air Loposite has must attract people of place is Low Cut of design, despite not real meaning Shang of, but relative for, Air Loposite of upper to than other Foma sneakers almost short has one-third, is good release of ankle, Increases flexibility, but this designbreakthrough at the time did not cause much concern. Air Ultraposite Air Ultraposite model withsimilar wind II, upper Foam material after polishing treatment, with three quite similar withthe wind points, zip set
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