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The problem, followed by a lot of friends here

The problem, followed by a lot of friends here to help you answer. These respond to adopted some semantic recognition technology, to help you identify which answer is recommendable are the majority. Featured novel which is better, we can according to  cheap nike blazers the maximum recommended line of automatic speech recognition, it is simply a word of mouth marketing. If, for example, please recommend which moisture mask is better, here's a list, the val  nike blazer lux trainers ue to be all marketing staff to develop. We also have some interesting phenomenon, we search for a tube of toothpaste in addition to brushing your teeth is also capable


What, first search giant toothpaste, wash my face, I don't know what toothpaste to wash, blackheads, acne wash, you think strange, rely on marketing colleagues can be found here for more valuable things. Thank you very much! Questions: I is Tsinghua University of students a, I is a pessimism who, so today morning many teacher also has real home told big data to we life brings some friendly, also some information, but I wanted to said of is, may many when how to processing it of negative of things, like data processing, like you of pushed sent, you of recommended, like just you refers to has many Tsinghua administered by, you is with data processing of. I think sometimes in the new


Products, new information emerged when the industry leading search companies how to deal with moral hazard and in front of real social risks to society worthwhile, productive, healthy and positive impact? Rong Wenjin: I did not quite understand what you mean, did I understand correctly, I understand your

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