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Wrote that, after years of market development, widely us


Wrote that, after years of market development, widely used and highly publicized, has becomethe sports shoes, clothing, socks, and other leading brands in sporting goods field. Highermarket visibility because of the plaintiff's trademark, asics gel kinsei 5 womens uk product quality has a very highreputation, its products are in short supply in the market, appeared on the market a large number of plaintiff's asics gel hyper 33 2 mens uk trademark counterfeiting acts. In June 2011the 361 ° found the bigsupermarkets in jiaozuo (development site information), the sixth Park 13 stores such assupermarkets, supermarket sales with "361 °" logo, shoes, t-shirts and other products
。 The company believes that shopping mall, supermarket sales practices have violated theplaintiff's exclusive right to use a registered trademark, and caused large economic losses, tosafeguard their legitimate rights and interests, to jiaozuo city intermediate people's courtproceedings. It is understood that this is jiaozuo city intermediate people's Court acceptedthe first trademark infringement cases, which involve multiple counties in the number ofshopping malls, supermarketsjiaozuo city, involved a wide range of great influence, the Houseleadership attached great importance to 361 ° is currently already arrange related materialsprovided by the company and reviewed the evidence and filing. Zambia () 361 ° children's weardebut international clothing and accessories fair again in recent days, the 20th ChinaInternational clothing and accessories fair (CHIC) at the Beijing China InternationalExhibition Center (new) opened. 361 degrees after successfully twice beforekids, dressedagain in China International clothing
Adornment Exposition. After two years fast and sound of development, 361 ° kids insisted "let children more health, and happy of growth, let kids more comfortable, and more close to modern children growth" of mission and responsibility, adhering to love concept, in research children childhood life form and inside desire of based Shang, combines "more once love, more a copies future" of brand spirit, to General parents and children passed 361 ° kids "future, and vitality, and hopes, and brilliant" of brand traits. In the design of product development, 361° children's clothes always adhere to the "color" the contrasting styles of the basic starting point for product design, integration of international fashion elements, all made of high quality fabric at the fabric selection, and children's activity habits, personality traits andphysical characteristics of each stages of elements such
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