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Milan do poorly this season, Seedorf fire failed to turn the tide in the Middle, and Europa League qualification slipping away, almost can consider summer ahead. The Mediaset reported, Seedorf has no intention to buy lamivudine, interest in Real Madrid's League goalkeeper Diego-Lopez. Lamy in Valencia this season and boss fight being banned, Galliani took the opportunity to rent before you buy imported French. After the winter break,cheap nike air max 90 Lamy very eye-catching, especially scoring ability, make people's eyes light up with delight. Playing against Parma, Lamy has a wonderful score. Up to now, Lamy serie a and 8 appearances scoring 3 goals 1 assists, defended well worth noting. Zhiqian, media that Milan would buy lamivudine. Surprising is that the Mediaset reported, Milan gave up the French.


Lamy buyout fee not expensive, just 6.5 million euros. This Italy media believed that Milan are not prepared to buy rice, Clarence Seedorf is the key. Of the Mediaset said Lamy without Clarence Seedorf was compelling. If the Lamy, Alex will take his place. Now, Alex and Paris Saint-Germain's contract is about to expire, but has been slow to renew their contracts. The Sky Sports channel reported earlier, Galliani is free to introduce Alex and players reached an agreement, Brazil this summer and will be free to join. At the same competition in Parma, Abbiati received a red card. cheap nike air max 1Currently, Abbiati was 36 years old, Amelia and Gabrielle was, Seedorf need to bring in goalkeeper. Mediaset said the Real Madrid goalkeeper Diego Galliani phase-Lopez. Diego-Lopez this season at Real Madrid as League powerhouses doing well. Currently, he's worth only around 5 million euros. This Italy media that Diego-Lopez experienced, play a sound, is a very good goalkeeper.


Apart from Rummenigge and Bayern are top of the summers can, a former Bayern Munich player said on an interview, Barak also, Hernes was a good man, hope former Bayern President may well weather the storm, "Hernes was not only a great Manager, he is a good man. I know for a fact he was shocked when news of tax evasion, after all, I worked under him for 4 years, during that time, we got along very well. Knew he had to go to jail now news made me sad because Hernes was a good man, he deserves the respect of all. All in all, I wish him a smooth ride out the storm.

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