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Bayern Chairman Hernes was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months for tax evasion case, Bayern will also bid farewell to Hernes nearly 35 years brilliant. Bayern Munich vs Bayer Leverkusen of the Bundesliga at the weekend, Bayern CEO Rummenigge beside the seat belonging to Hernes has been empty, this scene very moving. cheap nike air max 95 In an interview, Rummenigge said, himself Hernes lifelong friends, Hernes--to retain this position, to continue to shoulder its dreams of leading the second Bayern forward. Bayern's sporting Director also said summers can, Hernes spirit will shine on Bayern Munich forward. Qian Germany international Michael Ballack also said propping Hernes.


Bayern Chairman Hernes has been sentenced to 3 years and 6 months after giving up the right to appeal, he voluntarily left his job in Bayern all duties as Atonement. For friends of this practice, Bayern's CEO Rummenigge expressed his appreciation "Hernes lion deserves all of our respect, he should not only be Bayern Club everyone's respect, should be respected by all teams fans. Hernes this result and I am very sad, for we are still best friends, our fate is linked with the Bayern. "In the Bundesliga at the weekend and Rummenigge watched Hernes empty seats, it was impressive. A lot of people think, Hernes prison meant the end of an era, cheap nike air max 97 Bayern "Hernes era" ended officially. For this argument, Bayern CEO Rummenigge said it is difficult to accept, "I don't like it that way, Hernes and I are lifelong friends, we absolutely could not be dissociated. Now, of course, it is difficult to find candidates to replace Hernes, but our primary objective now is to maintain stability in the Bayern Munich forward.


And Rummenigge, Bayern's sporting Director, said on an interview, summers can also, Bayern are likely to forget the contribution of Hernes, "Bayern Munich is Hernes lifetime careers, and we benefited a lot from Hernes contribution. I hope him Hernes family through difficult times, we all stand together with them. Hernes spirit always shines Bayern forward, he could not have forgotten by Bayern. Management needs to have a new candidate for now, but we have to admit it, that no one can replace Hernes roles, we also don't have to force anything. But I am convinced that Bayern will still be stable.
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