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Blazers vs warriors today, match up is fierce, both sides split into up until the last moment, blazers final defeat against 112-113. Bartum detonation had 23 points, 14 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals and comprehensive data, 5 three points also tied his season high, but ultimately that there is no choice but to bleach. Since March, Bartum presence appeared on the score declining, but rebounds are skyrocketing, Rob 13.3 rebounds, nike air max cheap and it is his monthly best performance this season. Due to injury Aldridge, Bartum need to step up and lead more, especially with teams such as the warriors. Through career against the Warriors ' performance, Bartum data does not look like much, averaging just 9.5 points, 3 rebounds, 3.5 assists and played today, Bartum apparently had exceeded its average.


First quarter, Bartum and didn't score until more than halfway through, Bartum scores of Gotland. He and little Mo tie, a passing shot, exterior hand hit a three minutes, although the ball is black, but because pioneers are Warrior Crazy Chase, nike air max 95 em saleso the ball role to stabilize the situation. Perhaps the ball open feel, Bartum started bursting out in score, the final 3 minutes, Bartum ignored the Warrior defense, direct outside line long distance shot dropped three points in a row, everybody hits! TrailBlazer fans instantly fell into a frenzy. End of the first half, easily leading the pioneers Warrior 11. Bartum feel good in the second half, outside line still maintained a very efficiently and warrior Bartum from defense seems to be very reluctant, adding to their troubles is, Bartum rebounding ability are not bad, even when the Warriors inside track on the big easy rebounds and pick away.


Full match fight to last 4 minutes and 43 seconds, the scene into a white-hot, Bartum stood out again, he started David Lee fouled while tapping the ball into, take 2+1. Shortly thereafter, Bartum and one-third into the basket, will also open up ahead! Blow even 6 minutes 28 seconds! Since then, Bartum resulted in a foul at the last minute was sent to the free throw line can score only two free throws, but miss the second penalty. Subsequently grabbed rebounds during the chaos war, but hopes exterminating out suspense in a hurry. As the whistle the game, Bartum still ROAR to referee one, claiming that rivals his last-ditch winning goals, fouls, but the referee ignored.
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