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1:0 win in the battle of Malaga Real Madrid, Benzema was injured ahead of Ronaldo to leave the stadium. Benzema's injury report read a statement published today, the French right thigh quadriceps being hit. Benzema certainly not this week against Schalke, he can against Barcelona was a question mark over the weekend, depending on his rehabilitation before the competition situation. Once bunzl horses cannot be played, nike air max humara sale Real Madrid will face big trouble because Benzema is the only true Center in Madrid. Ronaldo could play a single arrow, but he himself told you prefer kicks the left front. Bell had guest appearances in the national Derby Center, ash. Isco kick pseudo-Nineth? This tactic has not yet succeeded in the experiment. Jesse and Morata that junior players, nothing at national Derby lingming play possibilities. Carlo Ancelotti can do now, is to pray Benzema came back as soon as possible.


This season, Benzema has twice been Cristiano Ronaldo shot. But accepted France interview with TF1 television, Benzema is still highly praised Cristiano Ronaldo: "it seems to me that Ronaldo is the best player in history. Have the honor to play with him, nike air max thea salehe is now one of the top players, I am pleased. "Benzema also talked about his situation:" being a father is a good thing, this is the desire of everybody, my life is calmer now. I've been in a lot of tough times, but I always have confidence in myself. Real Madrid is the best club in the world, I always did well in Champions League. Zidane? He helped me progress on a daily basis. "Benzema in the France team after he lost his place in, but now he went back to the absolute core. "Against Ukraine when the score is one of the most important goal of my international career, because it was the World Cup play-offs. "Benzema finally said," at the World Cup, no one believes that we are the favourites. This is good for us, we can remove the psychological pressure.


World Cup publicity is currently the continent's World Cup Ambassador, Gullit also talked about, Netherlands playing says, "I've been concerned about African countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast football development, I see that they have been able to get into the World Cup knockout stages. I love Ghana's performance at the World Cup, I don't think they have enough capacity to meet any of its rivals. In addition, Brazil weather conditions also help African football level, it is likely to be a key factor. European teams have never won on the World Cup to be hosted in South America, which puts the African team is a plus factor.
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