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Miami heat away 109-98 beat Charlotte Bobcats, 4-0 swept opponents promotions times round, LeBron-James play 42 minutes, 19 voted 10 in the, free throws 12 penalty 10 in the get 31 points 7 a rebounds 9 times assists 3 times steals 1 times seal cover, this field key of promotions of war in the again won Almighty data, new balance 1400 uk LeBron Superman General of strength undoubtedly, more was surprised of, also is he Superman like of body, second half gambit Hou shortly on injured fell, can he lengshi lame with leg even took 7 points set off winning climax Also wounded to play the whole second half. Psycho a scene out now also has 8 points 42 seconds ended third section Shi, both war into 59-58 heat team only leading 1 points, LeBron ball low storm, replaced Jefferson starting of biyongbo retaining can't LeBron of tank car grind pressure, but in Zhan Huang turned layup of moment biyongbo knee top to LeBron right thigh inside, a head of on hit let LeBron directly fell, he pain of cover with hurt in ground tumbling more than, such of lens in LeBron career career in the can rare, as Union in the most famous of "steel Batman "Want LeBron to leave injured is not an easy job.


Heat all the players to observe on LeBron's injury, new balance 1500 salealso called suspended team doctor urgent treatment, everyone agrees that "such a painful injury, couldn't get the break of two minutes. "When LeBron James hobbled back on the Court immediately lifted a three-hit, three minutes, one Queen for two minutes, steals Henderson 5 minutes, 54 seconds, 4 seconds, advancing front counter storm buckle! LeBron just 83 seconds people took 7 minutes, he's really hurt? Yes, because after this storm button, move back when he was still limp. Wounded even chopped 7 minutes is not enough? Next for a performances way, heat counterattack Beatdown, LeBron have ball no corruption power, pass Jones three points hits, next Cole of storm layup 2+1, Alan of three points succeeded, Anderson of basket Xia storm buckle, even Cole single section of pressure whistle three points are from LeBron sent out of assists, from 7 points 13 seconds began, heat team team won 23 points, which 21 points are and LeBron has directly relationship, heat team from score dwell to established up 13 points leading, Zhan Huang undoubtedly is deal of officials.


Distal began, also is LeBron unification rivers and Lakes of potential, after several minutes of recovery, LeBron early has full blood resurrection, 9 points 44 seconds attack succeeded, subsequently made foul free throws scored, 8 points 19 seconds in the distance jumper hits, is he arranged has heat distal game of Qian 6 points, only said, LeBron is a too special of players, even was as serious of collision, also completely does not on he of State caused any effects. Was some surprised of is, distal game LeBron has been are didn't was replaced resting, beauty vector guesses Republika handsome is didn't want to let LeBron of hurt in short resting in the appeared stiff effects subsequently play of played, anyway today swept promotions zhihou will has up a a week of resting time, and LeBron also no stopped rate team bolted of pace, jumper continues to succeeded, storm recycling foul, as game time of reduced, Bobcat team again is not see reversed may, eventually heat team 11 points advantage win ball, big score 4-0 promotions times round.

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