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According to the Houston Chronicle reported, pioneer of rocket with G4, rocket boss Alexander met with Xiao Hua, President of the League, and he submitted to Xiao Hua himself against Sterling, incidents of racial discrimination with the views, in his view, Xiao Hua should be trying to deprive the Sterling's grip on the Clippers. "I think we should find a way to deprive him of the team's ownership, and" have rocket boss 20 years as Alexander says, "my advice to Xiao Hua was, ' let the Clippers players become free agents. ' ", Mr Alexander said he put forward this proposal is not intended to allow dissolution of the clippers, after all, who in recent years has become a top balance trainers cheap He said his purpose is to flush the sterling to a dead end, let him no alternative but can only choose to sell the team. Because the NBA set forth in the Charter, the Union team bosses had no right to expel the sterling, Alexander recommends that the Union adopt measures forcing Sterling out of coalition. Alexander said: "(Stirling drove Union) which is not allowed in the NBA charters, but this guy has no place in the Union has, in any case, we must make sure that that sort of thing can never happen again.


Alexander, you want to make sure this does not happen,new balance womens first drove Union Stirling, he said: "I told Xiao Hua that, under the Charter, unless he was involved in gambling, otherwise we will not be able for his expulsion from the Union. But if he loses all the players, no one wants to go there to play, he could only pay $ 12 million to sign those $ 2 million dollars of the player, who would coach the team? "" If you're an NBA player, you don't want to play for people. If you work for a company, encountered the kind of thing you will choose to leave, I don't think the players should have that right. "All in all, it is very simple-to severely punish Alexander Stirling, he said:" I told Xiao Hua feel that Stirling must be severely punished, his words and actions should be condemned, we would be very very severe to punish him. For the Union, it is really a sad thing, in particular, is one of the greatest in the history of the playoffs this year, cast a stain that is so bad. "In addition to Alexander, Lakers Executive Jeanie-buzz, also issued a statement condemning the sterling, she said in a statement:" freedom of expression, opinion ought to have been condemned in the audio and disturbing, they are Laker fans, contrary to the attitude of the players was. I have faith in Xiao Hua and Union had handled the matter.


Sterling was arrested for racial discrimination after exposure, including NBA stars such as Kobe Bryant, James and Paul have voice condemning the Clippers owner, Clippers players even consider basai. Yesterday, before the Clippers lost to the Warriors game away from home training, Clippers players wear training suits, silent protest comments on sterling. NBA CEO Adam · Xiao Hua had ordered the Union to look into the matter, is visiting Asia and the United States President Barack Obama chided Stirling "very ignorant". In addition, Jordan more Sterling to feel sick, he wrote in a statement: "as an NBA owner, I certainly despise bosses in line it was so disgusting and offensive views, I believe that Adam · Xiao Hua will make a thorough investigation and quickly launch an appropriate punishment.
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