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Awareness is also getting worse. Therefore, the Nike athlet

Awareness is also getting worse. Therefore, the Nike athletic footwear experts appealed to thepublic to attach importance to  cheap asics gel saga uk the role of health, running every day, has the very big help onthe body and heart, following Nike sneakers with relationship expert to talk about running andheart. Running relations asics gel noosa tri womens ukhip with heart: 1, when sleeping or resting, cardiac output, bloodvolume, about 3-5 liters per minute is sufficient, so the heart beats more slowly, Contractinglightly, save your breath. 2, muscle activity when you need more nutrients than the quiet, sovolume must also be a corresponding increase in cardiac output in order to meet its needs. Evenvery slight movement,


Like once every second leg, will also make the heart loses blood loss increases exponentially.3, sport (like running, swimming), the heart loses blood loss increases with movement is proportional to the intensity and duration. Most people's heart has this ability, can squeezein 1 minutes 20 liters of blood, to five or six times more than the rest. Trained athlete'sheart is more powerful, output of up to 30-35 liters of blood per minute, even more than 40liters. You may be wondering, exercise increases where the blood was coming from? the originalemergency mobilization on the one hand, deposits in the liver and spleen
Dirty and skin in of blood are ran out has, active to to participate in conveying nourishment and shipped go waste of work, guarantee muscle moving have flexible powerful 4, and on the, blood in body cycle of speed greatly accelerated, General quiet Shi each minutes cycle body 4-5 times, movement Shi can accelerated to cycle body 7 times, in 1 minutes within flow back heart of blood volume increased, from heart output of blood volume certainly on more has. 5, healthyheart is according to different needs, perform a variety of tasks in an exemplary manner. Inphysical activity, especially when running because sympathetic activity and heart rate andcontractile strength, so you will feel her heart beating faster and faster, and heavy, and veryintense. 6, so is running campaigns increase the burden of the heart, to heart-health benefits?benefit greatly, the original heart is the need for a

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