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Ball clubs, teams average wages are in all top sports teams in t

Ball clubs, teams average wages are in all top sports teams in the world. They are thus also stronger in European football. Money is at the heart of professional football and professional sports. Advanced professional football is necessarily a prerequisite for a prosperous economy. No doubt, led by Bayern Munich's Germany professional football's prosperity, thanks to the Germany industrial economy strong. So, China is now the world's second largest economy, but why do so-called professional football is still in the "stone age"? Attitude determines the success or failure of soccer is not covered in the previous "career" vest can make up professional football. Professional football is only a dress up fashionably, honest and credible in order to attract commercial funding
。 This requires a pragmatic attitude. For example Germany anti-g   nike air max motion uk  ambling crackdown on football, they're not making generally simply be some black sheep are brought to justice, but to reform the system and mechanism, not only to cut the grass, but also to root. This responsible attitude to create social reputation, won the sponsors, the media and the most important--the fans ' trust. With their trust, professional football will be able to win. This is the key. Pragmatic attitude of the Germans ensured Germany football can steady growth, and sometimes detours, but quickly corrected
Back on the right track. Nigerian international Sunday Oliseh has planike air max classic bw uk yed in the Bundesliga for many years, he had for Germany national personalities and their football is a precise discussion of the relationship between deep, might as well cite a few words. He said: "generally speaking, this country has a commensurate with their mental game culture and philosophy--try, try, and keep trying until successful. Their belief is that even if your talent than your opponent, but you can take them out and won, thus becoming the best. Even ordinary people in their daily lives when they are not difficult to see this kind of philosophy. They are so good at innovation, and so down-to-Earth, and capable, so they're in Europe or even the
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