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We had at the end of the dialogue, but it was a private matter. In

We had at the end of the dialogue, but it was a private matter. In the history of Barca, Guardiola is a living legend. "Guardiola claims Barca top act he was hurt, Rossell meanwhile expressed surprise:" I don't know why, but Barcelona's Board of Directors never use than Villanova's illness to attack any cheap nike air max 1 one. Now we have to think, is together with all the players, coaches and fans, to an exciting new season. "Better than Villanova and Guardiola are there contradictions? Rossell is not clear: "I don't know what happened between them, than I don't know what, I'd rather answer I know questions. Guardiola says Villanova can't make meixineimaer work with? I am very surprised. "In Barcelona, the news that neymar and receive 40 million euro signing bonus, this Rosser vehemently denied. "NYN, DIS, Santos and an investment fund, out of 57 million euros transfer fee
No one got a signing bonus. We have already conducted an audit, and took public. "Russell talking about neymar's move," they divided the money of the Quartet, we also signed a confidentiality clause. If they want to, we can reveal. We are all proud of his

Happy, our operations have sufficient transparency. "Former President Russell then spoke about Barcelona Nunez:" people want to remember is that coaches and players, they are the football team's star, and the President is not.   cheap nike air max plus tn  We all know that he experienced the era of Johan Cruyff. "Again, when asked about Guardiola Rosell selected courting Guardiola:" he had magic in Barcelona, should he be elected President. If he's a candidate, I will vote for him, even when my brother was in the election ... ... " Tiago chose to leave
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