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In high-end seems to is for this thinking, after all custom and standardization products exists playing different, while faced price, another nike air force 1 low white  a shoes wear of comfortable is most important! but shoes has run-in period you knows did? if easily wearing only will let double feet bear pain, run-in period of pain zhihou, some will became suitable himself, is comforta nike air force 1 mid blackble, some, was proved forever not for himself, on needs eliminated. Just like marriage, so when buyingshoes is carefully picked and learn to deal with after the buy. How to match shoes, nice andcomfortable ride it? it's take a look at how to match! 1, shoes to 0.5 to 1 cm larger than thefoot space to ensure that foot in the State and


Shoe comfort, space between tie loose not tight as the benchmark. 2, Christian Louboutin shoesat the tip of a small sponge or foam, you can ease the pain of toes are squeezed. 3, wearsupport shoes before tip, so that it is easing a little bit. 4 than hard, soft fabric liningwill make you feel more comfortable, such as velvet and leather than ... 5, whether the counteris too high or too shallow, the upper is too high can cause heel rubbing, help after heelseasier up wading shoe slots. 6, check the inside of the shoe to help squeeze inside ankle bone,avoiding friction and discomfort while walking. 7, the best choice for the afternoon or in theevening to go to the store to buy shoes, foot swells after a day of activities.
Tips: socks and dress shoes to match is very important. Selected socks must first pay attentionto the color, consistent principle is to wear shoes ' huesand socks. Black leather shoes andmatching socks are Navy, black and gray such tone; such as shoes coffee tones, shades of Brownsocks or grey socks are a good choice, in the traditional high-concept suit, silk stockings isthe gentleman's choice, are also very suitable for summer wear,
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