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n feet, possibly PRESTO spoiled by foot. Solesdo


Palm is a hard, long uncomfortable walking, then feet, possibly PRESTO spoiled by foot. Solesdo not wear and wear all day, driving didn't walk back a look, followed by a small star tattoohas worn part no: LeBron James sprite color-matching, parkson price impulse into, a nike kd 6 elite goldnd his wifebought a pair, but also because they feel th nike hyperdunk 2014 review color scheme pretty. AIR MAX feels so-so, couldfeel a cushion, only this, do AIR MAX is only loading b use? This shoe breathable is verygeneral, my feet are sweaty, mesh parts wore a white sweat for a long time, although not much,but still there. Laterlittle actual combat, experience no performance for this shoe, I think,like a beautiful pair of shoes. Bought not five times across the JORDAN FLY WADE 2-Red
Real, real hand is beautiful, 500 Yuan price in, 46-yard foot, Luna foot feels elastic, withair cushion is not a feeling, movement may feel better, less in actual combat, bad contraststarting and cushioning of these sports experience. On my feet, there is an urge to exercise,grip very well wrapped very well, very comfortable, soles are bomb, I believe that the practicemust have been good, but feelings for Luna is nothing, still like ZOOM and MAX as nostalgia,probably because of disregard for sporting performance, or because of some other ... Feet onthe current does not exceed three times, this color scheme is also inconvenient to wear flats,shoes shoes
Package in, playing combat of Fuji select, unfortunately I has is long didn't playing has right 3:Zoom Hyperfuse I feel is based of paragraph, compared for combat of a paragraph shoes, soles toughness is good, ZOOM is has exists sense, uppers is plastic, relative leather substantially bent Shi some slightly feet, most above of hole I General not Department laces, ankle at front of shoes tied on in that support Leng with, that inside sea cotton has mill of dew has out.Upper lot of vent holes, but still breathable, and might have some psychological rejection ofplastic shoes. In short, this pair of shoes if you don't play, some chicken, playing JORDAN FLY WADE than 2 foot feeling good


。 Own those shoes, worn for a lo
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