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What does it mean? Nike invented an ultra-thin, ultralight air

What does it mean? Nike invented an ultra-thin, ultralight air cushion technology, cushion madewith this technology are widely used in the design of the company's various basketball shoes,running shoes and training shoes. cheap air jordan 3 uk  2, and and MAX AIR,AIR-SOLE compared to, this cushion is more hard, but while also provides has bette air jordan 13 uk 2014of elastic, can for wearing who provides more better of reaction, so in basket sneakers Shang, equipment this cushion of shoes usually provides to defender and some small striker; 3, and also has part shoes in forefoot installation ZOOM AIR then Palm equipped with MAX AIR,, this shoes both two species cushion of advantages. ZOOM AIRshoes are invisible, such


Cushioned shoe would normally write ZOOM AIR shoes. 4, and integrated for is zoom air itself is cushion, has has cushion of shock absorbers buffer nature, but middle joined has upper and lower end fixed of nylon fiber support material, in shock absorbers Shi can fiber itself was elongated by increased of tension to block by force part continues to burst shrink; 5, and so Zoom air to in so short of distance in the, provides quite excellent of shock absorbers capacity, then again to increased of tension forced pulled back fiber balance state Shi of length, extrusion air makes originally by force parts pressure increased
Increase and the rebound, so has amazing flexibility and feedback. Like birth make Nike zoomleisure and love Nike found good's an attribution of people like Nike, Nike zoom will concern.If you like Nike shoes, a Nike official exchange here. Nike in 90 generation for a new design signature war boots of moves let many brand commercial feel this is adventure behavior, but Hada Granville no let Nike disappointed, in out has spray 1 Hou once Shang Nike company became basketball shoes in the of focus, for Penny series in the of peak works Penny 2 believes everyone also is has interest knows's Air Penny 2 knowledge introduced: 1, and Nike official website launched Penny series of second generation products Hou, despite is II generation products, but Air Penny 2 is definitely a pinnacle in the Penny series, almost all of Nike's top science and technology at the time; 2 and forefoot Zoom Air ensures excellentresponsiveness and cushioning, Palm Air Max provides good cushioning performance, the use ofcarbon plate by the end of that era except Air Jorda

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