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be reasonably effective dispersionand the weight shift. Gradua

uipped with two of the most important, is the top priority. First is theshoes, a journey, a suitable and comfortable pair of shoes can make you go farther, go easy;the second is the backpack; a good backpack, your body can be reasonably effective dispersionand the weight shift. Gradually lightweight equipment make our bags smaller, easier, and itactivities. But ... Well, 55-65L backpack is very appropriate. Knapsack in addition  cheap asics gel saga uk tocomfortable carrying syste     asics gel noosa tri womens uk  m, also have very good price-performance ratio, so that it could easily be accepted by everyone. Xiaobian given here recommend the Olympus 55+10 backpack-KAILAS backpack. Olympus back and design we have the kaile Olympus backpack stone detailing in thedesign analysis, ADO;


It focuses on Kelly rock Olympus backpack load of the system; backpack and has never writtenevaluation, 8264 Emerald Island camping concert is waiting for September 10. 9th night will betidied up some camping will use some of the equipment, plan to install packages. In addition totheir own equipment or have equipment to be friends, so many things. To be honest, I have seena picture of the shoes, and immediately fell in love with it, so just to apply for theexperience. As traditional hiking shoes, outdoor shoes"former foreskin,


Rear handle, taproot outsole, shoe upper stitching "different, GARMONT SYNCRO GTX hiking bootshave just appeared, with its luxurious and elegant temperament, beautiful smooth shape,composed of introverted personality eyebrows. Removed has Qian foreskin Hou handle, almost no seams of cattle shoes surface shaped out streamlined of shoes body; in the waist, and Banpo root of design, coupled with big late and in the late of pretty combination, show shoes of upright elegant (wife said I wear Shang this double shoes Hou and long high has); process and quality of perfect harness, and overall and details of coordination combination, and black and Brown of color match, makes GARMONT SYNCRO GTX mountaineering shoes quite have Western traditional of gentleman demeanor and Knight style of verve. 2, scrutiny: a gentleman, to winin the details I think I try to avoid using excessive and overly emotional language, whenever possible, we strive to give you an objective impression. So, we see pictures of words: overalllook: Classic, dignified, elegant
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