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Identify genuine and fake Nike the second step: carefully compare the

Important feature. Anti shoes due to the technical and cost aspects, this feature is difficult to imitate. Identify genuine and fake Nike the second step: care nike cortez trainers uk fully compare the left and right of the production date, genuine Nike production date of production dates on the left than on the right near the top of the black. "Nike" seems to have become the dream of flying in the minds of consumers, many people stuck with Nike, high price of Nike sneakers, and did not stop them pursuing its pace. So be sure to figure out how to distinguish between Nike, so you can buy the rest assured, wearing comfort, better to live out their dreams of flying. Gram limited edition shoes Jordan shoes is no longer a professional description of basketball shoes and had the cla  nike lunar blazer uk ssic retro shoes name, people in love, love skateboarding street movement received welcome. But as a limited-edition Nike shoes, Nike Jordan series shoes on sale each year in the majority of fans remained in the hearts of Nike shoes are unique and cannot be shaken. If you are also


Gram limited edition shoes air Jordan series in interesting, might as well as my introduction, take a look at this legendary limited shoe Nike footwear styles of the most watched series limited edition Nike shoes – Jordan: has a pair of AIR JORDAN 1 1985-1986 known to the world of shoes, Nike Air Jordan shoes (Air Jordan), the first in a series. NIKE AIR DUNK on the basis of a new color scheme was used, and this color scheme was NBA ban, that is "black". It had a wing logo, representing the 1th shoes JORDAN series, that's the AIR JORDAN 1. Limited Edition Nike Jordan series shoes: Air Jordan 7, AIR JORDAN 7


And has no air cushion design with open and transparent materials. Jordan seven generations on the Trapeze logo was transferred to the upper, air cushion is also hidden in the soles. In 1991, full of poison. Shoes back than the 9th, 23rd, because these shoes are designed for Jordan in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, known as the Olympic Jordan shoes. Nike Jordan series of limited-edition shoes: AIR JORDAN 21 Nike Air Jordan XXI 21 Jordan basketball shoes is another top works of Jordan in 2006, Nike Basketball Shoes Jordan Air Jordan XXI 21. continues to extend its 20-generation IPS cushion, and tap Add a ZOOM, and shoe soles are spiraling grooves used in mining

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