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If you are interested, you can choose a brand that truly suit you


If you are interested, you can choose a brand that truly suit your shoe purchase. Special step, never stop, Li Ning and Wade on the way you walk hand in hand in the success of the domestic basketball shoe brand's peak, while Li Ning was launched "Wade road" with outstanding workmanship, materials and designs to submit to friends and fans eagerly look forward to our shoes had a satisfactory outcome. Shoe friends is more focused on domestic brands of sneakers, and we can also easily find there are lots of good practical choice. Having said that I am sure you have guessed the subject of this evaluation may be related to Li Ning. Farewell and down jacket with short sleeves in full strength in April, with the
The arrival of May, new high temperat asics gel noosa tri 8 womens ures all over the country, summer is getting closer. Many shoes to choose a real value for money excellent and the outfield but also relatively cooler air basketball shoes and juggling small series is one of them. Li Ning, to bring you this evaluation is "Sonic" basketball shoe. Believe attention shortly before the CBA all-star friends will have a deep impression on this shoe, whether Blue star players at the foot of the South or the North Star team at the foot of the Green, and Yi Li, Li Ning signed players wore gold, their sensitive swift, effortless and star players together, be an all-star game together pretty
Beautiful landscape. Small series of select help in the main blue "Sonic" bas asics gel noosa tri 8 mensketball shoes, refreshing color scheme, a wide range of materials, breathable, light-weight, outstanding rollover prevention--this is Xiao Li Ning, into the hands of "Sonic" at first sight. Let us talk about, look at the "Sonic" details and actual performance. 4 l- k0 a; b5 J8 ]! P; K/Q6 Q9 e "sound" as Li Ning, one of main light basketball shoes, small help only in selected 345g, and low is only 325g (9-yard weight), which also set a new Li Ning basketball shoes lightweight record in one fell swoop. Got the first impression is indeed very light, can equal shares with ADI's CrazyLight series. General shoe design without too much trivial detail, but blend to give people a sense of spirituality. Matching blue and white with "SONIC" name makes small series of childhood memories that blue hedgehog, run fast as lightning

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