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Build your professional network on LinkedIn with RGIT

Royal Gurkhas Institute of Technology, commonly known as RGIT, is one of the leading vocational and training institutes in Australia. The institute has campuses in Melbourne and Hobart respectively. RGIT offers a wide range of nationally recognised courses in Nursing, Childcare, Community Services, Business, Hospitality and Information Technology. Along with these courses, the students at RGIT, also have the option to choose their study options from a wide range of short courses, apprenticeships, traineeships, certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

RGIT has several facilities for students such as

  • Fully equipped training kitchens
  • Classrooms
  • Computer rooms with dedicated facilities for IT students
  • Barista rooms
  • Student Resource Centres
  • Free wireless internet

The main objective of RGIT is to provide students with an environment that enables them to reach their full potential. The mentor and training staff understands the various challenges faced by the students and therefore the dedicated and professional staff at RGIT supports students’ academic needs. They are dedicated to looking after students’ personal welfare and wellbeing.

All graduates have the opportunity to enter the relevant workforce arena and excel in their careers. RGIT focuses on providing quality training and in-depth industry insight. RGIT equips students with the necessary skills and practical, hands-on experience to succeed in the industry. You can connect with RGIT on LinkedIn and start building your own professional network. Visit or have a word with us on 03 6217 9000 to know more.

Build your professional network on LinkedIn with RGIT
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