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1 introduced plastic wheels, metal wheels introduced plastic wheels, metal wheelsLast update: 8 years ago Best Offer
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2 hat makes it difficult to industry regulation hat makes it difficult to industry regulationLast update: 8 years ago Best Offer
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3 satisfaction. This year "Children's Day satisfaction. This year "Children's DayLast update: 8 years ago Best Offer
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4 that attracts many mounted, especially sports that attracts many mounted, especially sportsLast update: 8 years ago Best Offer
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5 enthusiasm.Therefore, even though the "Street walking" enthusiasm.Therefore, even though the "Street walking"Last update: 8 years ago Best Offer
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Chua production seen on Heelys, which itself provides for a 70 kg person above caution on this shoe. At the mention of this standard comes from, Mr CAI said and other foreign enterprises standard, while more enterprises and reminders are not even that standard. "Production of limited difficulty only increased a few centimeters of the sole, and then place the pulley, technological threshold is too low, and there is no uniform standard, in the absence of large-scale brand case, Heelys prospects to sustain. "Analysis of the industry.AwkwardQuality is difficult to standardize price comparison"At present, sell Heelys are the imitation goods of foreign products, and some products can be said to be the imitation goods of imitation goods, Heelys-like creativity, production style, material is very casual. "People in the industry, Lin said."Heelys market potential is very large, but the lack of standards, regulation no basis, some manufacturers with low-priced products to hit the market, Heelys market into ' price dogfight ' situation. "Mr Choi said.Heelys sale shop, the reporter found that Heelys prices ranges from thirty or forty five hundred or six hundred dollars, most Heelys prices from 80 Yuan to 200 Yuan, individual style and price as long as more than 30 yuan, price or even below-average children's shoes.Prices, quality differences are very large. Reporters experiencing a few pairs of shoes automatically and found some of the shoe's heel buttons very jerky, shut your pulleys is not sensitive, sometimes hands press fit. Open soles, install the pulley screw is very casual, round body is not smooth. Many Heelys can be seen on the Web, product identification, product descriptions, incomplete, makes people feel very fake."As a sports shoes, Heelys, from product safety requirements for materials, production of components for the final price won't be cheap. "Mr CAI sports safety for many years, experienced. "Heelys wheels alone, preferably with elastic rubber, soft texture, has a buffering effect. Some manufacturers in order to save costs and even introduced plastic wheels, metal wheels, to sacrifice quality for price advantage eventually messed up Heelys market as a whole. ”Press search on the Internet found that different Heelys price disparities, low 50 dollars a pair, some marked with "authentic Heelys" Heelys, the price is at the level of 1000 to 1200 Yuan.ResultsDeserted market becomes unmarketable products warehouse"Many children from their parents got Heelys, began to buy for children. "People in the industry said," parents tend to be more demanding on Heelys quality. They do not worry about the quality standards, easily lead to children's sports injuries."In fact, it was a moving experience-shoes, naturally there will be some risks, however, due to factors such as lack of product standards, deficiencies, so that no corporate efforts to to spread the Heelys brand proposition. "People in the industry say, and from the perspective of some health education experts, some shoes coasting experience for children is not good for a long time, likely to cause leg muscle strain injuries and foot